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My current pricing is $25/hr. Projects the require less than 20 hours will are payment upon completion; anything over 20 hours will require two payments, the first at the midway point, and the second upon completion.

If you're working under a strict budget and require a flat rate, that's no problem, let me know what you're looking to have done and we'll figure out how to best serve your needs. You may also want to check out my Fiverr Gigs for other pre-priced packages.

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I offer a variety of ways to host your website, setting up hosting through Webflow, through myself, or where ever else you may want to host your sit. If you need more information about hosting, feel free to ask.

Webflow Hosting

Basic Hosting

This package is all you really need for a basic static website.
$15/mo paid monthly
$12/mo paid annually

CMS Hosting

This option is great if you're looking to start a blog or any other form of CMS based site.
$20/mo paid monthly
$16/mo paid annually

Hosting with me

All of my hosting is also done through Webflow, and the packages contain all the same benefits as the packages above. As an added benefit, you will receive an hour a month of website service by me when needed, whether that be modifications, bug fixes or content changes.

Basic Hosting

$25/mo paid monthly
$22/mo paid annually

CMS Hosting

$30/mo paid monthly
$26/mo paid annually

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